Monday, 11 May 2009

My Weekend of Fun & Frolicks..!!

Well its Monday and I am worse for wear following the crazy weekend.

Saturday was my mums Birthday and she invited a few friends and family. We spent all day preparing the food and my infamous Jamaican Rum Punch...

Which as you can imagine loosened quite a few peoples inhibitions.. lol. It was a great night swapping stories and telling jokes and eating food. Our guests didnt leave until after 3am.

I also sold 3 necklaces during the night which really made it a successful evening. I have now being doing jewellery making for about 4 weeks and I have sold 4 pieces which is great.

I had 4 hours sleep before my brother and I got up for Alton Towers for my friends Birthday. My friend hired a minibus that only drove 65mph so we didnt get there until 12pm. My brother refused to go the big rides so my friend and I started him off on baby steps, first the log flume, then the runaway mine train and then Here is a picture of the two of us on Air..

I was so proud of him because for years he wouldnt go on any of the fast rides, now I cant get him off them, however we both agree that we dont like Oblivion.

Ha ha...

So now its Monday and I have loads of aches and pains, I am bloomin knackered and weak!!

TLG - M.W.P.&.L.

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