Saturday, 23 May 2009


Well its been a while since my last post and a lot has happened but nothing to do with I am at my aunts house in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and its lovely and warm, it raining at the moment but it doesnt last long.. Okay so there is Me, my mum, my step dad, my little brother, My aunt Michelle, her husband, my 3 cousins and my Aunt Patsy and we all congregated here for my cousin Chanelle's graduation on Tuesday..

It took so long to get here 2 hours driving to the airport, 10 hour flight to Texas and a 1 hour flight to New Orleans and a 2 hour drive from the airport to my aunts house, wow!! and we didn't sleep the whole time.. I was knackered!!

When we got here the first place we went to is Popeye's Chicken and had Chicken, with Mash and Gravy and biscuits...hmmmm!! That was it for me, I crashed out..

Yesterday was nice we got up and mi mother made a nice big breakfast, we went to Wall Mart to get a few supplies, we went for a walk along the Beach, then to Wendy's for burgers, we then went to Biloxi where we were then paraded around my aunts work place, went to the hair shop, we picked up little Keiran and then we went to the shoppette where we found the best beef jerky...hmmm and then to Pizza Hut where my cousin works for some Pizza and Pasta for movie night, we completely embarrassed her which was nice...

BUT... we ate the food and me, my mum, step dad fell asleep... so movie night didn't happen!!

I slept for 2 hours then got up to keep Patsy and Michelle!! My Brother and Darry went to a church lock in stay awake, my brother lasted 1 hour and fell asleep, my cousin Chanelle went out with her friends, my little keiran who is 4 kept bringing in bugs and caterpillars from outside, he is so sweet he loves insects...

So today is another day and today we are having a huge barbecue for my cousin graduation which starts at 5 so I am off to go and get dressed!! Ill be back with more of my holiday adventures!!

Tatty x


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I need a signature..!!

Okay I have decided that I need a signature so that people know that I have made the jewellery. I was thinking of a tag but now I am swaying towards some kind of signature bead...hmmm

Tatty x


Monday, 11 May 2009

My Weekend of Fun & Frolicks..!!

Well its Monday and I am worse for wear following the crazy weekend.

Saturday was my mums Birthday and she invited a few friends and family. We spent all day preparing the food and my infamous Jamaican Rum Punch...

Which as you can imagine loosened quite a few peoples inhibitions.. lol. It was a great night swapping stories and telling jokes and eating food. Our guests didnt leave until after 3am.

I also sold 3 necklaces during the night which really made it a successful evening. I have now being doing jewellery making for about 4 weeks and I have sold 4 pieces which is great.

I had 4 hours sleep before my brother and I got up for Alton Towers for my friends Birthday. My friend hired a minibus that only drove 65mph so we didnt get there until 12pm. My brother refused to go the big rides so my friend and I started him off on baby steps, first the log flume, then the runaway mine train and then Here is a picture of the two of us on Air..

I was so proud of him because for years he wouldnt go on any of the fast rides, now I cant get him off them, however we both agree that we dont like Oblivion.

Ha ha...

So now its Monday and I have loads of aches and pains, I am bloomin knackered and weak!!

TLG - M.W.P.&.L.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Well I thought I would put a quick post whilst I am on my lunch break at work. I have been so busy the last three days and so tired. This weekend is also hectic so I dont think I will get much Jewellery done again.

On the bright side its my mums Birthday tomorrow so I am helping her with a party that she is organising. I don't mean to blow my own trumpet (well I do!! but I am an amazing cook. It should be a great night and on Sunday I am going to Alton Towers... Whiiipppeeeee.....!!!
That will be me screaming at the front... I have been practising for the last two days..
Well my lunch is over, oh yeah someone complemented my jewellery today... ooh actually two people have. I am so proud of myself.
Well I had go back to kicking some Defendants Butt!!
Tatty x

TLG - M.W.P.&.L.

Monday, 4 May 2009

New Organiser for my Beads

Well the bank holiday is almost over and its back to work tomorrow.

I bought a new organiser today from Hobby Craft, I keep saying I'm going to stop shopping there because it is too expensive but I couldn't help myself (too impatient)..

This is the bag that I bought and its perfect for my beads and tools. It comes with a small bead tray with a lid all for £15. I put all my beads in it, I didn't realise I had so many I have nearly filled all the compartments. I feel better now that the are more organised.. hmmm

I had another good day promoting my jewellery and registering the website on more directories. I have decided to join etsy, pink doodle etc so that I can drum up some recognition. This is a lot of hard work drumming up interest and business.

I am going to America in a couple of weeks and I have already arranged to visit some of the local bead shop.. Oooo I am so excited I want to try to get some unusual beads.

I bought my first bead magazine today because it came with a free colour wheel, it was a Bead & Button Special, Brilliant Crystal Jewelry 2. wow I have some new techniques to try, it looks really complicated. I think I am going to look on you tube to see if anyone has done a video so that I can try the designs on there. I will keep you posted as to how I get on.

Okay enough about jewellery, I feel that I am starting to get addicted to Texas Hold em Poker on facebook. Luckily I am really bad and loose more than I make but I find it therapeutic.

Well thats enough for today..

Tatty x

TLG - M . W . L . & C.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

My First Ever Blog!! Whoop Whoop

Well I have decided that I think its about time i joined the blogging community.

My name is Tatty and I am

Okay I am a graphic and web designer ( and I have recently started making my own jewellery ( plus I manage a hip hop group ( all in my spare time. During the day I support solicitors and barristers for the company I work for. Surprisingly I have a social life too but luckily its not that busy.

Well My little Gems are my focus at the moment as I am really enjoying making jewellery however I do need to find my niche as I have only been doing this now for about 4 weeks. I have made about 13 pieces but only 9 are online at the moment. As I have just started making jewellery I am selling them from £5 at the moment.

I am also going to start selling watches which I am looking forward to doing so today I am ordering all the pieces to get started.

Ooh I am tempted too go to hobby craft now because they are doing a craft bag for £15 that I have had my eye on.. hmmmm!!

So plan for today - add new jewellery to my website, buy bag at hobby craft, order watch pieces and design some flyers for my jewellery. I need to also finish a website I am working on for my artist Well I had better get started!!

Tatty x

TLG - M.W.P.&.L.