Friday, 26 June 2009

Farewell Jacko!!

OMG!! I cant belive my childhood idol is gone..
R.I.P. Michael Joe Jackson you will be missed but your music will live on in our hearts forever.
Its pouring down with rain today which is reflective of how I feel...!!
Tatty x

Saturday, 20 June 2009

My First Watch!!.. Yippee

Okay hold on to your chairs I have finally made my first Watch... Big Grin on my face, I want this to be my niche... fingers x'd.

Its not quite perfect yet, but its my first and I am

I have put it on my website

The downfall is I only ordered one watch face so I cant make anymore until the rest arrive. But I do need to make some bracelets and earrings as they are lacking from my shop and upload the new necklaces I made about a month ago.

I have also updated my website and added a little flash to the start page. One of the ladies on the crafts forum has commented that my jewellery is to cheap, I am inclined to agee as the price doesnt really reflect quality so I am considering increasing my prices. This is going to take some consideration!!

Well I am off to make some more pieces..

Tatty x


Sunday, 7 June 2009

I'm Back

Well I am back from holiday and I was absolutely rubbish at updating my blog so here is a quick overview..!!

Well the barbecue was great fun my aunt made Apple Martini's and which were very strong but very nice and then we had some dance lessons on how to do the electric slide... which was a laugh. The food was great.. I love American Barbeques..

The next day we all got up and went to church which was the fastest church service I have ever been to if you blinked you would have missed the lesson. Afterwards we all got changed first we went to a few of the Casino's to change my money but they were extortionate so we went to the cash machine instead, then we headed off to IHOP (International House of Pancakes!) and then to the Mall to find a dress for my cousins Graduation and just general shopping for us. In the evening we watched a few Tyler Perry films, he is an inspiration!! I really love his films.

The Next day, we umm..., and umm... Okay I admit I can’t remember what we did on this day??? We did something??? I remember that we went to the Casino called the IP for their Buffet which was sooooooo nice, they had so much food to choose from, my aunt and her family went mad over crab legs, mussels, Cray fish and clams which was gross to watch them eat it...

The next day was my cousins Graduation!! This was a nice experience and a huge congratulation to Chanelle for completing school with honours, I am so proud x.

The following day my Aunty Pat went back to California which was a sad moment as she is one of my three favourite aunts!! We all drove to Destin, Florida for some much needed fun!! When we got there we had a look around the hotel resort, we went to the beach to have a look, we bought some supplies for the hotel room and we bought some Popeyes Chicken.... Yum!!

The next day we got up really early and went to the beach. We spent allll day at the beach in and out of the water which was great as I am a true water baby. We went back to the hotel and then went straight into the pool!! I know sad but it was so nice!! We then got changed and went for dinner at Red Lobster which was lovely!! I really enjoyed this meal.

The next morning we went back to the beach but my skin was so tender from being burnt the day before so I couldn’t spend as much time in the sun as I would have liked. The sea was really rough and was bringing in all sorts of sea life, first their was a sting ray, then there was a snake just swimming by and then a turtle!! My aunt found out that after 20 years of marriage her husband not only likes going into the water but he can swim too!! She was soo shocked it was hilarious. After the beach we went back to the pool for a while then we went to the outlets to do some shopping, we stopped off a Wally World (Wallmart) and then we had a barbecue on the Marina which was lovely!!

Okay the following day we headed back to Mississippi, but we stopped off in Alabama first, we found more outlets and shopped all day, the highlight was the Ecko store which was really cheap!! We then went to Lamberts the home of throwed rolls which was a crazy experience. They throw your bread rolls from across the room and you have to catch them which was fun, they play practical jokes on you and whilst you are eating the top up your plates with more food which was crazy because I ended up with so much Then when they are ready they give you a container to take the rest of your food home and basically kick you out!! NICE.. After Lamberts we drove home.

The next day we went to the Flee Market which was another crazy experience in Mobile. They were selling allsorts of stuff including loads of cute puppies. I was really brooding for a pup!! We bought some amazing paintings, bags and jewellery. My Aunt and her Husband and my Mum and my Step Dad all went to stay in a casino hotel in Biloxi while I stayed back to look after the kids.. :-( but I had a great time we ordered pizza and watched movies!!

The last few days of the holiday were all about shopping and buying souvenirs!!

I finally founds some reasonable priced beads at Wally World, I spent about $50 on beads. I have some beautiful beads.

Well that sums up my holiday now its back to the real world and back to work tomorrow!! Blah :-(