Sunday, 3 May 2009

My First Ever Blog!! Whoop Whoop

Well I have decided that I think its about time i joined the blogging community.

My name is Tatty and I am

Okay I am a graphic and web designer ( and I have recently started making my own jewellery ( plus I manage a hip hop group ( all in my spare time. During the day I support solicitors and barristers for the company I work for. Surprisingly I have a social life too but luckily its not that busy.

Well My little Gems are my focus at the moment as I am really enjoying making jewellery however I do need to find my niche as I have only been doing this now for about 4 weeks. I have made about 13 pieces but only 9 are online at the moment. As I have just started making jewellery I am selling them from £5 at the moment.

I am also going to start selling watches which I am looking forward to doing so today I am ordering all the pieces to get started.

Ooh I am tempted too go to hobby craft now because they are doing a craft bag for £15 that I have had my eye on.. hmmmm!!

So plan for today - add new jewellery to my website, buy bag at hobby craft, order watch pieces and design some flyers for my jewellery. I need to also finish a website I am working on for my artist Well I had better get started!!

Tatty x

TLG - M.W.P.&.L.

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