Saturday, 20 June 2009

My First Watch!!.. Yippee

Okay hold on to your chairs I have finally made my first Watch... Big Grin on my face, I want this to be my niche... fingers x'd.

Its not quite perfect yet, but its my first and I am

I have put it on my website

The downfall is I only ordered one watch face so I cant make anymore until the rest arrive. But I do need to make some bracelets and earrings as they are lacking from my shop and upload the new necklaces I made about a month ago.

I have also updated my website and added a little flash to the start page. One of the ladies on the crafts forum has commented that my jewellery is to cheap, I am inclined to agee as the price doesnt really reflect quality so I am considering increasing my prices. This is going to take some consideration!!

Well I am off to make some more pieces..

Tatty x


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